Breed introduction

Current breed status
* Extremely popular in Portugal and already very well known internationally.
* Basically it is the most used hunting breed in Portugal.
* It also has a distinctive personality.
The podengo exists in 3 sizes: Grande, Medio & Pequeno and 2 coat varietes: smooth & wiry.
The pequeno (small) is one of the smallest hunting dogs of the world.
The standard of the breed
The first standard was written in 1953. The same standard is used for the 3 varietes with minor
differences fo the pequeno.
The standard was modified in 2008 by the C.P.C and approved by the F.C.I.

Portuguese podengo pequeno
Important proportions:
* Pyramid head, wedge shaped, with erect ears, sickle tail, well proportioned and well muscled
body with sound skeleton.
* Slightly longer in body and of small stature. Body length/height at withers relation of 6/5.
Chest height at withers relation of 1/2.
* Size 20-30 cm, weight 4-6 kg.
The body is slightly longer than higher with a straight top line.
* The withers are not prominent.
Straight and long back with straight, wide and muscled loin.
* Straight or slightly sloping croup, medium sized, wide and muscled.
* Chest down to the elbows, of medium width, with long, ribs slightly sprung and inclined.
Behaviour and function:
* A hightly functional small dog without exagerations.
* Very lively, intelligent, affectionate, sound and rustic.
* Searches for rabbits in holes, dense shrubs and on rocks goes into small crevices to
flush rabbits.
* Hunts in small packs and is quite fearless, the high pitched barking shows the excitement
of the hunt. This barking sound is called maticar.
Coat varietes and colours:
* Smooth: short hair, smooth, dense and of medium thickness.
* Wire: long hair, harsh and rough, of medium thickness. In this variety it is longer in the
muzzle forming a distinctive beard.
* In both varietes the skin is thin and tight. No undercoat.
* Colour: yellow and fawn, in light, medium and dark shades. Solid, white-patched or white
with patches of these colours.
* Accepted but not preferred colours: black and brown in all tonalities with or without white.
White with patches of black or brown.
* Coat faults: silky coat, the colours of brindle, black and tan, tricolour, solid white.

Portuguese podengo pequeno shortly:
* A hunter by nature.
* Lives well in a pack.
* Very alert and watchfull.
* A sound and healty companion.
* Lives to very old age (15/17 years).
* An easy dog to keep in the house.
*Very intelligent and independent.
* Enjoys human companionship.