11th Irezumi litter 'Desejado (wanted)'

3.7.2018 born three girls

Irezumi Desejado Heldade 'Nessa' Irezumi Desejado Menina 'Nelma' Irezumi Desejado Senhorita 'Nikki'
(in english Wanted Beauty) (in English Wanted Girl) (in English Wanted Miss)

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sire: Marella Lago   dam: Renata da Terra dos Moinhos
'Mikke'   'Misna'

born 16.5.2011 in Finland
sire: Marella Bombom
dam: Marella Fada

height 28 cm
Knees (patella) 0/0,
heart health,
eyes clear (pra: clear)

A male with excellent size with
lot of good quality coat.

FI & SE Champion,
Finnish Winner 2013 and 2014



born 31.5.2014 in Portugal
sire: Teeko do Vale do Cutileiro
dam: Teka da Terra dos Moinhos

height: 27 cm
Knees (patella) 0/0,
eyes clear (pra:carrier)

Lovely temperament
Good size and coat quality.