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HeJW-10, HeW-10, FinJW-10, FinW-10, HeW-13

Irezumi Vinho Verde


- Saura's data at Finnish KoiraNet

- Portugues podengo pequeno cerdoso, bitch
(Podengo portuguese small wire-haired)
- born 10.1.2010
- Rek.No. FI15946/10
- height 28,5 cm, weight 6,5 kg. Character open and lively.
- knees health (0/0) and eyes health/distichiasis(official results 28.2.11)

- Breeder: Kennel Irezumi, Finland
- Sire: Faidros Honesto
- Dam: Borboletta (da Floresta)
- Brother & sister: Irezumi Vinho da Casa (male) and
 Irezumi Vinho Branco (bitch)

-Owner: Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen, Finland

At the year 2011 competition of the Finnish Portuguese podengo club
-The best Finnish born small wire-haired podengo
- The best small w-h bitch
(same points with her sister)

BIS-1 at the group show in Siikajoki 2011