Finnish Kennel club and FCI confirmed Kennel name Irezumi in the Summer 1999.
Irezumi is a Japanese word and it means tattoo.

Tuija, Erna and Saura in the Summer 2015


Litter 1:

On the 9th of August 2004 Jarra gave birth for two male puppies. Gizmo is their father.
- Irezumi Monte de Neve '
- Irezumi Floco de Neve '
Both have an excellent body, wonderful temperament and good, wiry coat. The quality of the parents can be noticed at the boys, too.
The eyes and knees of their both have been officially checked and they are health.

Litter 2:
Jarra's next and last litter born on the 8th of February 2006. The father for the puppies (two males again) is Gizmo.
- Irezumi Abrigo de Vento '
- Irezumi Moinho de Vento '
The podengo boys with a friendly and open temperament. They both have the health body structure with strong bones.
They both have the health results of eyes, knees, hips and elbows.
Vilpertti passed away at the age of 10 years and Manu at the age of 11 years 7 months.

Litter 3:
The parents are Gizmo and Netti. On the 13th of June 2006 born two males and one bitch.
- Irezumi Calor do Sol '
Weppi' (bitch)
- Irezumi Nascer do Sol '
Oliver' (male)
- Irezumi Por do Sol '
Rico' (male)
This litter is a little different in type than the others due to their mother. Rico and Weppi are a little long-legged and at the top limit
in height. Oliver is very much like 'mini-Gizmo'. They all have the health body structure and excellent movements.
The boys have done track-racing and all the puppies have done agility. Weppi competes at the level mini-2 in the agility.

Litter 4:
The fourth litter: Rico x Menni. One boy born on the 1st of January 2008. Unfortunately Menni lost the another puppy at the whelping.
- Irezumi Leonis Minoris 'Simba'
Simba is a lively, well-build happy podengoboy. His forelegs are a little crooked like his mother's but he still moves very well
in side and behind.

Litter 5:
Netti's last litter (with
Gaspar da Flôr d'Esteva) born on the 20th September 2008.
- Irezumi Beira-mar 'Roope (male)
- Irezumi Estrela-do-mar 'Luna' (bitch)
- Irezumi Viagem por mar 'Inka' (bitch)
The parents of this litter are both Portuguese imported and all their facts were not known. Due to that there are two brindle puppies
in this litter. All the puppies are long-legged, light-boned and have not so open temperament. None of them will be used in breeding or
at the shows.
Luna was hit by a car at the age of 7 years and she passed away due to that.

Litter 6:
On the 10th of January 2010 Menni gave birth for 3 puppies whose father is Gizmo.
- Irezumi Vinho Verde 'Saura' (bitch)
- Irezumi Vinho Branco 'Wicca' (bitch)
- Irezumi Vinho da Casa 'Camo' (male)
This litter was almost like the breeder's dream. The body structure, coat texture, temperament etc. of all the puppies is excellent.
Unfortunately Camo got only one testicle at the correct place so he had to be castrated.

Litter 7:
One girl and 3 boys born on the 26th of June 2012. Their father is Oliver and mom Saura.
- Irezumi Beleza do Norte 'Rhonda' (bitch)
- Irezumi Borla do Norte 'Bono' (male)
- Irezumi Nobre do Norte 'Neco' (male)
- Irezumi Vagabundo do Norte 'Paulo' (male)
Is a combination of two Irezumi podengos, Oliver and Saura, whose father is Gizmo so the litter is inbreeding. Gizmo is the high quality in many ways like body structure, movements, temperament, health etc. and he has herited them to his puppies. I want to do this inbreeding for saving Gizmo's quality to the coming generations.
Neco passed away at the age of 2½ years (lymphoma).

Litter 8:
One girl and 3 boys born on the 24th of September 2014 to the parents Coalacre Tommy Tucker and Irezumi Vinho Verde 'Saura'. Read more from here.
- Irezumi Valkyrie Gunnhild 'Erna' (bitch)
- Irezumi Viking Gunngeir 'Aslan' (male)
- Irezumi Viking Gunnolf 'Duke' (male)
- Irezumi Viking Gunnbjorn 'Frodo' (male)
The father 'Tommy' has been TOP Winning podengo in Norway several years and mother Saura was TOP Winning podengo 2013 in Finland.

Litter 9:
Caramelon American Idol x Irezumi Vinho Verde 'Saura' litter which includes 1 male and 2 bitches born 27.11.2016.
- Irezumi A geada do Inverno 'Nino' (male)
- Irezumi Espirírito de Inverno 'Isla' (bitch)
- Irezumi Um sopro de Inverno 'Elli' (bitch)
Elli was hit by a car at the age of 1 year and she died.

Litter 10:
Marella Lago x Irezumi Valkyrie Gunnhild, one girl puppy only born 19.11.2017.
- Irezumi Uma Única Sereia 'Usma' (bitch)

Litter 11:
Marella Lago x Renata da Terra dos Moinhos, three girl puppies born 3.7.2018.
- Irezumi Desejado Heldade 'Nessa'
- Irezumi Desejado Menina 'Nelma'
- Irezumi Desejado Senhorita 'Nikki'

Irezumi podengos are located in Finland from Helsinki to Oulu. So far none Irezumi podengo is living outside Finland.

The breed standard of
Portuguese podengo is
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The dogs of Kennel Irezumi:

'Saura' Irezumi Vinho Verde, small w-h pp bitch (born 2010). Is owned by Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen.

'Rhonda' Irezumi Beleza do Norte, small w-h pp bitch (born 2012). Is owned by Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen and Eero Palo-oja.

'Misna' Renata da Terra dos Moinhos, small w-h pp bitch (born 2014). Is owned by Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen and Kennel Caramelon /
Mimori Fellman-Närhi.

'Erna' Irezumi Valkyrie Gunnhild, small w-h pp bitch (born 2014). Is owned by Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen and Eero Palo-oja.

'Nino'  Irezumi A geada do Inverno, small w-h pp male (born 2016). Is owned by Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen and Eero Palo-oja.

The dogs of Kennel Irezumi's history:

'Nana' Nasriina, pomeranian bitch (born 1996, † 2010)

'Sayo' Natural Sayonara, shiba bitch (born 1998, † 2012)
Sayo moved to family Ollikainen in the summer 2005 for spending her pension years there.

'Jarra' Marella Jarra, small wire-haired portuguese podengo bitch (born 1999, † 2013)
Was owned by Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen.

'Netti' Ciganita do Vale Negro, small w-h pp bitch (born 2002, † 2010)
In January 2003 Netti arrived to Finland from Portugal by her breeder Carla Molinari. First we owned her together with Hannu Mutanen / Kennel Marella.

'Gizmo' Faidros Honesto, small w-h pp male (born 2003, † 2013)
Arrived at the beginning of 2004 from Sweden. He was born to the very first portuguese podengo small wire-haired litter of Sweden at Kennel Faidros. Was owned by Kennel Irezumi / Tuija Tuorilainen.

'Menni' Borboletta (da Floresta), small w-h pp bitch (born 2005)
In January 2006 the podengo girl Menni arrived from the USA from Kennel da Floresta / Penny Schroeder. Is owned by Petri Hynynen.

'Kasper' Gaspar da Flor d'Esteva, small w-h pp male (born 2007)
At the beginning of October 2007 a male puppy arrived from Portugal. Kasper was owned together with Mimori Fellman/Kennel Caramelon and Mea Määttä with whom he lives. Nowadays he is owned by Mea Määttä only.

'Rico' Irezumi Por do Sol, small w-h pp male (born 2006). Is owned by Petri Hynynen.

'Tiuhti' Bem Haja do Vale Negro, small w-h pp bitch (born 2009). Is owned by Heidi Ollikainen.

Until the summer 2010 the breeders of Kennel Irezumi were Petri Hynynen and Tuija Hynynen. After their separation Tuija will alone continue as the breeder. Tuija's last name is nowadays Tuorilainen.
Tuija lives nowadays with her husband and four podengos in Northern Finland Ylikiiminki, Oulu.

(this page has been updated 19th of July 2018)